10 Best Online courses for Disability Support

Boost your advocacy and support work through free online learning.

What is a MOOC?

A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web. Teaching follows the format of lectures, videos, reading material and often there is feedback on interactive forums. MOOCs can be delivered via an institution's own platform, or a general platform like Coursera or FutureLearn which hosts a wide variety of courses on different subjects.

MOOCs have many advantages. Participants have free access to courses designed by specialists in their field. They are able to preview, register and complete the course at their own pace, and are able to engage in an interactive online learning experience with others who have the same interests from around the world. Some courses may also offer completion certificates for free.

In the disability sphere, there are many exciting MOOCs that bring the latest research, thinking and ideas to would be learners. It means that service providers, advocates and members of the public can now access this knowledge with much reduced barriers. We have compiled a list of ten exciting MOOCs essential to anyone work with and for people with disabilities.

1. Global Health and Disability - Disability, health and well-being in global development.

By: International Center for Evidence in Disability

Duration: 12 hours

2. Integrated Healthcare for Children with Developmental Disabilities - Discover how to improve the health and well-being of children of children with disabilities, including early diagnosis and intervention.

By: International Center for Evidence in Disability

Duration: 12 hours

3. Education for All- Disability, Diversity and Inclusion - Discover ways to make education more inclusive, especially in areas with limited resources.

By : University of Cape Town

Duration: 18 hours

4. Disability Inclusion in Education: Building systems of Support - Become familiar with the impairment specific needs of learners with disabilities, and how to build systems of support for inclusive education.

By : University of Cape Town

Duration: 16 hours

5: Severe to Profound Intellectual Disability: Circles of Care and Education - An effective model for approaching care and education for children with severe disabilities

By University of Cape Town

Duration: 13 hours

6. Teaching Children with Visual Impairment: Creating empowering classrooms. Learn the necessary tools to create empowering classrooms where you can teach children with visual impairment in an inclusive, accessible, and attuned space.

By : University of Cape Town

Duration: 14 hours

7. Educating Deaf Children: Becoming an Empowered Teacher - Empowering teachers to better support, accommodate and connect with deaf children.

By: University of Cape Town

Duration: 18 hours

8. Teachers Toolkit for children with little to no speech - Teachers can access the latest information and practical step-by-step recommendations for supporting students with little or no speech from any mobile device or desktop computer completely free of charge

By: Communication Rights Australia

9. An introduction to disability advocacy: Disability advocacy is  vital for empowering people with disability to exercise their human rights and avoid discrimination. Disability advocates work to ensure that the voice of the person with a disability is heard and is central to all decision making in all areas of life that affect them.

By: Disability Advocacy Resource Unit, Australia

Duration: Five modules

10. Best Practice in disability advocacy : This course is a foundation in how to provide best practice individual advocacy. You will learn how a person with disability works through advocacy issues with the assistance of advocates from a fictional disability advocacy organisation –All Areas Advocacy.

By: Disability Advocacy Resource Unit, Australia

Duration: Seven Modules

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